Portrait Upload
  When taking a picture to submit, please follow these helpful tips. We have provided a sample image as a reference.
  • Stand your child in front of a blank wall
  • Make sure the face is well lit with no harsh shadows. (Choose bright daytime lighting for the best look.)
  • The child should be centered in the photo.
  • Take the photo! (Please do not use a flash.)
Please read and acknowledge before uploading
I declare that I am the parent/legal guardian of the child in the provided image. I authorize Gerardy Photography to use this image and my child’s school-related personal information for the exclusive purpose of providing photographic services items to my child’s school site and/or district. I understand that any exchange of printed or digital materials will occur securely between Gerardy Photography and the school site and/or district itself.

I understand that I will not receive any printed or digital service items directly from Gerardy Photography, nor will I be able to order photographic products featuring the image provided.

Gerardy Photography will not share or sell this image to any third party, nor use this image for any purpose other than as requested by the school site and/or district.
Instructions Please fill in all the fields below, then click "Choose File" to find your photo.  Finally, click "Submit"
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  Note: Please fill in all information.  We need this to identify your student's school, classroom, and to contact you if there is a problem.
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